"Am I a god near at hand," says the lord, "And not a god afar off?" - Jeremiah 23:23

Loving Lord!You know my anxiety over the welfare of the dear ones who are far away from me! I am constantly worried thinking about themLord! I am in such a state that I cannot do anything but worry about them. I turn to You Master because You are the Lord who is not only near at hand but also afar off. I also know that You are more concerned about their welfare more than I am. So I commit my dear ones into Your hands. O Lord! Protect them from every evil, harm and danger and keep them under Your mighty care. Be with them and meet all their needs whatever they might be. Grant them robust health and peace. Let Your presence go ever before them O Lord! Let me hear only good news from themI thank You for answering this prayer! I ask this in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!Amen.

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