30 Jan

Overcome Every Circumstance

God will be with you in every circumstance and you will overcome every obstacle and walk over the Rough Waters in your life. His kindness will never fail to hold you.
29 Jan

You'll Walk on the High

God has seen your desperate situation and has chosen to lift you from the deep waters. He will create the best pathway wherever you go, and lead you through it.
28 Jan

His Plans For You Are Greater

In times of doubt and failure in your life, trust in the Lord for he has great plans for you! Plans to prosper you and be with you. A future where God will lead you and reward you. So, believe him and let him guide you.
27 Jan

Treasures beyond Imagination

God will grant you treasures beyond your imagination from Heaven's window, which is brimming with riches beyond your wildest dreams. Receive them from what God has stored for you.
26 Jan

Keep Him At Your Right Hand

The Lord is next to you to help you win your battles. So, fix your eyes on Him and He will grant you the wisdom and the understanding to succeed in all that you do
25 Jan

You are Precious to God

You are always precious to the Lord. No matter what the world says about you, He cares for you. He will uplift your soul with His presence and make you victorious.
24 Jan

God’s Help Will Make You Great

You are in God’s training process, walking in the high places of challenges. The Lord’s mighty hand will mould you, deliver you and elevate you to great heights.
23 Jan

Trusting God in Difficult Times

Keep trusting the Lord and sing songs of praise unto Him. Do not be afraid of your circumstances for He will deliver you and establish you in double measure.
22 Jan

Fruitful in Every Good Work

Let your life abound in every good work for this is the will of God for your life. You will become fruitful and find honour in the eyes of God and man.
21 Jan

You will Succeed in your Endeavours

The Lord wants you to succeed in the place where you are. He will grant you the grace to be honoured. So, hold on to Him. You will never be put to shame!